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World-class technology from Poland

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Marek Kubel-Grabau | 2015-11-03 11:42:59

The Air Force Institute of Technology (ITWL) keeps up with new technology and its development.

The Air Force Institute of Technology (ITWL) keeps up with new technology and its development.
The institute is able to meet the challenges of today thanks to its focused work and an ability to identify what is expected of present-day aircraft—which are in practice airborne computers. The Air Force Institute of Technology’s accomplishments meet global technology standards and the institute itself is part of an elite group of centers capable of designing and integrating digital systems on board modern aircraft. Awareness of the significance of such systems during operations on the battlefield is growing. Throughout history, Polish engineers have many times proved how important technology is during armed conflicts (the Battle of Warsaw, the Enigma).
World-class projects developed at the Air Force Institute of Technology include the modernization of the W-3 Sokół helicopter. As part of an upgrade program called Głuszec, the helicopter was equipped with a digital avionics system in a Glass Cockpit configuration. Based on the helicopter’s onboard computer and Polish source codes, the Głuszec system combines into one whole practically all of the helicopter’s onboard systems, including an Integrated Communications System and a Cyklop helmet-mounted display (used in Mi-17 helicopters in the Polish Armed Forces).
Similar technology has been deployed in the Polish PZL-130 TCII Orlik airplane, the latest version of which, the Orlik MPT, will soon become a hit Polish export. The Air Force Institute of Technology has also been developing unmanned aircraft rivaling and often outperforming similar aircraft manufactured abroad. The projects include the BSP Atrax vertical takeoff and landing unmanned aircraft and the ILX-27 unmanned robot helicopter, both of which have received a string of awards at military exhibitions and trade fairs, and the IT-Air1 tactical unmanned aircraft.
Innovative solutions developed by Polish scientists and engineers and used to design aviation technology have a huge impact on the performance of equipment. Strong performance is necessary to ensure that even the most difficult missions are conducted correctly and safely.
Poland can make a major contribution to international trends in the development of new-generation airplanes, helicopters and related technology. All of this should above all be used by the Polish military in order to guarantee safe operation in all conditions and unlimited production capabilities at a time of war. The key to this are Poland’s own source codes and on-site maintenance of new-generation manned and unmanned aircraft with huge combat and operational potential. It is up to decision makers whether we make the most of this opportunity.
Prof. Ryszard Szczepanik, Polish Armed Forces Colonel (retired), general director of the Air Force Institute of Technology based in Warsaw.


Source: The Warsaw Voice

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